Ekaterina Cultural Foundation: the 10th Anniversary

This year the Ekaterina Cultural Foundation is celebrating 10th year anniversary, 5 years ago (in 2007) the exhibition space of the Foundation has been opened.

The booklet, named "Ekaterina Cultural Foundation: the 10th Anniversary" focuses on the two main areas in the activity of the organization: exhibition and publishing programs. The booklet can be considered as some kind of report over the years past from one side and as a retrospective guide on the exhibitions held at the Foundation and addressed to the audience from the other side.

In the booklet the entire exhibition projects, which took place in the Foundation exhibition halls, from 2007 to 2012 year are reflected. Among them the exhibitions of such iconic foreign artists as Valie Export, David Lynch, Robert Wilson, Jean-Marc Bustamante, Annette Messager, Fabrice Hyber, Liu Bolin, as well as the projects of Russian masters: Vladimir Yankilevsky, Tair Salakhov, Viktor Alimpiev.

The publication as well presents the exhibition projects realized at the Ekaterina Cultural Foundation by the famous curators such as Frederic Mitterrand (The Grace Kelly Years, Princess of Monaco), Stefano Pezzato (Wonder World. Expecting a Restless Future) and Arkady Ippolitov (The New Academy. Saint Petersburg).

The relevant sections of the booklet are dedicated to the projects which presented the collection of the Foundation: "Movement. Evolution. Art" (2007), "Persona. Image. Time. Human Representation in art: from Modernism to the present-day" (2009) and "Authorized for Export from the USSR..." (2011).

Over the years, the Ekaterina Cultural Foundation became a permanent member of the Moscow Biennale of contemporary art Biennale, Photobiennale and Festival "Fashion and Style in Photography" the booklet reflected as well.

The booklet contains brief annotations to the exhibition catalogues, monographs and other books published by the Foundation.



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